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BrowseX Address Book

BrowseX Address Book

The BrowseX  Address Book applet maintains lists of email addresses and is integrated for use with the mail composer. It has two modes: Edit and Lookup. Lookup mode is used mostly from the mail composer window to lookup mail addresses to send to. Edit mode is available when you start Address Book from the Apps menu.

In Edit mode you can add, change or delete entries. No changes take effect until you click Done to commit. New entries can be added just by clicking New and typing a new Name in the popup dialog. Then update the other fields and click Done.

Address Book is very simple an currently contains only the following fields:

Name The name of the person (this is the key field)
Email One or more email addresses. Can contain aliases
Alias An alias that can be used in mail composer
Phone Telephone number
FAX Fax number
URL Url for the user
Title A persons title
Org Company
Comment Miscellaneous
Of the above, only the first three fields are currently used in BrowseX . Future extensions may make use of the others.

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