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  • new window gets click history of parent


  • implement pg_connect filtering by domain
  • printing to postscript: needs margin space
  • bookmark editor
  • search-shortcut editor: save last 10, launch on site-select
  • SSL certificate mgmt/not-valid-signed cert reporting
  • mail check every N minutes
  • mail handling of large messages is slow.
  • mail features/content type handling
  • application helpers: xdvi, uudecode viewer etc.
  • ftp: download with redirect may be broken


  • focus after close view
  • cleanup "redirect" code
  • complete cookies to RFC spec: private cache, etc
  • back not properly preserve form values for redirects
  • frames could be faster and sometimes gets confused
  • frames resizing and interactive resizing of individual frames
  • bind in form validation demo script not cleaned up
  • cache size limit is not yet enforced
  • Changing def lang encoding
  • If a dialog is open, and you exit, it can dump core


  • Option to animate gifs only in the active window
  • cookies need cleanup of old/expired
  • Bug in initial table layout, is correct on refresh (salon)
  • Down arrow in text windows goes to bottom (left over from insert)
  • Esc should close search, dialogs, etc
  • frame sizings may sometimes be off a bit?
  • back/forward sometimes gets confused.
  • highlighting in find is intermitantly off by one and/or horizontal.
  • Compensate when text color is same as background.
  • Gray out pref menu items not in force.
  • On resize the bgimage does not expand to fill screen??
  • file upload unimplemented: rfc1867.txt
  • Visited links are not always updated (ie. for file?)
  • font sizes could be better chosen
  • HTTP 1.1 socket no-close (is this is really even desirable?)
  • reset to default options affects email id, etc
  • truetype fonts
  • resizable/dragable in frame pages
  • resizing a frames page should re-layout
  • invalidated main page should invalidate all cached sub-gifs?
  • add max cookie size dialog (also delete/view cookies/delete auth?)
  • cookie "size=0"
  • implement a -nocache option?
  • max embed toplevels/slave setting
  • secure web should not cache html to disk??
  • corrupted gifs may hang in the image code (rare?).
  • Allow multiple mailer windows, but lock/reserve active folder.
  • Popup menu over/near/in form not working?


  • Grok .tcl files
  • menu option to save BG image
  • word docs should use catdoc to strip to text
  • mail should support the tnef decoder

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