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  • fix cancel
  • enforce cache size limit and implement cache cleanup: LRU
  • table layout bug:
  • fix caching of error conditions
  • black on black bgimage (a bad-gif bug??):
  • bgcolor on form els shouldn't inherit bgcolor unless in table???
  • in Thtml fix HtmlResolveUri() to stop chopping at space char
  • fix busy with frames
  • implement Regexp class in JS
  • scaled animations??
  • change multi-q to max at 2-3 then roundrobin add
  • fix nslookup to handle multiple addresses
  • fix onchange
  • implement edit html to update page
  • implement multi dns addr lookup in dns cache
  • reload of local TML file not working
  • last word in file with no trailing space not parsed (and first?)
  • go-back goes back two links
  • grabbed selection won't release to other apps
  • printing of Text sources (like email) should offer print text only
  • redirects not going to cache (bug?)
  • fix hang of some emails

Release 2.0.0: Mar 6, 2002

  • add notebook tab support to browsex
  • major update for tml: support for remote apps
  • add tktable option to tkhtml to intercept html TABLEs
  • fix background image bug for transparent gifs not clearing screen.
  • fix listbox (select multiple) to take focus
  • html/text pages now all go in cache/0
  • added a search cache option to BRX menu
  • location pulldown is now sorted by most recent first, with dups removed
  • limit location pulldown to 150 most recent on startup
  • dynamic config can now save/restore: unfinished
  • simple mail filters started
  • fixed tml AE links in file:
  • recursive CacheDeref check
  • fix add to address book from mail reader
  • fix to/from address formatting in mail reader
  • fix web portal server bugs
  • add cgi and gif support to portal
  • change -urlget to always check net
  • show url in title and view lists if title=={}

Release 1.6.0: Aug 26, 2001

  • support extensions: add browsex.ini init script and -i arg
  • windows version now includes sqlite
  • updated to sqlite version 2.0.1
  • swap font fixed/variable in preferences
  • fixed GDUP (dynamic DNS) password bug
  • add bell when new mail comes in
  • fix meta encoding bug (windows only?)
  • fix bad dns addr prompts once for each gif
  • fix base address missing slash bug
  • failed chmod now disables external

Release 1.5.0: June 16, 2001

  • fix form encoding of UTF8 chars
  • set textarea default bg to white and add scrollbars
  • fix checkbox form bug
  • TML: major update (2.0): prepend % to names plus cleanup code
  • TML: add loop control constructs and implement inline refs
  • fix long-line > 2000 chars hang/runaway memory alloc
  • ignore 404 return code if data was returned
  • hide image balloon at either click or Leave events
  • elminate show page top when Tkhtml parses #label url (added -ypos to parse)

Release 1.4.4: May 25, 2001

  • implement background= image support for table cells
  • implement Cut&Paste of html
  • implement building option menus from JS
  • implement button form item: JS attached actions
  • fix memory overwrite bug that caused JS crash
  • display broken image for missing gifs
  • fix image alt balloon display, broken by brx::toplevel
  • add clear screen to external programs with leading pipe
  • fix form reset
  • fix dir browser option
  • change cache init to not be after 1000
  • Tkhtml now translates % width/height for images sizes
  • Changed default browser string to be Mozilla prefix (server blowup)
  • rolled back form select option value="" fix in 1.4.3. Was correct.
  • add a cancel to UrlView
  • fix pipeline queue depth check
  • change http bad-servers to set q-depth to 1, instead of sep. sockets
  • encode form image button with name.x in submit
  • do update select multiple and add scrollbar to if > 10 items
  • change SELECT OPTION to copy text if value= missing
  • failed connection now deletes dns addr from dns cache
  • fix JS FormSubmit from looping
  • fix bug in tkhtml "token attr" when previously were zero attrs

Release 1.4.3: May 2, 2001

  • Change form items to seperate creation from color setting
  • add a 1ms delay in pipeline between requests
  • round delay parameter to int in meta redirect
  • fix form post bug with select: was substituting Text when value=""
  • fix some form items not appearing (js related)
  • fixed scaled transparent gifs from losing transparency: BLT fix
  • make large cached gifs (>2000p) scheduled and add "update" to render text
  • change cursor to hand when over submit buttons
  • implement run command on image file in cache
  • fix go to invalid page breaks relative links on current page
  • change form items to be active: uses overrelief or bind

Release 1.4.2: Apr 30, 2001

  • fixed http pipeline hanging on gifs upon reconnect
  • major cleanup of the image handling code in image.tcl
  • compile blt and vu into binary to get image scaling and tiling
  • implement scalable images (except for animations)
  • fix to address in mailer message body display
  • make image cache work with scaled images of diff sizes
  • add gamma correction image option
  • fix image popup
  • resize browser window now does a relayout for frames
  • fix refresh in framed pages
  • have JS window size not replace browser window size (add -subtype)
  • misc javascript fixes
  • suspend PRE tag when see start of TABLE
  • defer set location until after UrlGet
  • change prefs reset to restore prior to session
  • fix checkbox form elements all being checked on load
  • implement onload=javascript:...

Release 1.4.1: Apr 26, 2001

  • clear selection after setting breakpoint: distraction
  • fix tdb cmdline running
  • enhance widconf to include pack/place config, + fix combobox sel bug
  • add WebLogic to list of bad pipeline servers
  • add http:badservers option to let users blacklist other servers
  • add mail option to mail force server to be 8bit
  • fixed PRE formatting inside TD so it doesn't become 1 long line
  • added DDE and Registry into the link for Windows

Release 1.4.0: Apr 24, 2001

  • fixed bug with javascript embedded inside a forms defn
  • fixed Popup Image hang
  • truncate colors at 12 digits
  • rollback part of double-parse fix: broke go-back to redirect pages
  • change browsex button to use UrlView to clear frames
  • fix embedded tcl applets
  • extend compiled tcl support to include embeded tcl applet
  • set bgcolor now applies to all app bgcolors: tk_setPallete
  • fixed redirects causing frames-clear to fail
  • implement universal widget option settable via Shift-Control-B1
  • fix location url entry and go-back with frames
  • reduce http pipeline to 6 from 7 to eliminate gif stalls
  • fix bug with Http::Disband popping up an error
  • fix page status bug and always show DL time
  • fix gif viewer
  • always redirect stdout/stderr to debug log
  • add an option to disable error tracebacks
  • add an option to set trace level in mailer

Release 1.3.8: Apr 21, 2001

  • fix serious pipeline bug that caused some gifs never to show up
  • implement incremental updating of screen every .5 secs as gifs come in
  • fix bugs with history/cache window

Release 1.3.7: Apr 20, 2001

  • in mailto: add support for ?subject=&cc=&bcc=
  • update status line for progress in mail body search
  • change and also parameterize some mailer colors
  • make focus go to location open new view
  • fix goto #label (again)
  • stop slide with #label from going to network
  • improve location bar updating
  • broaden keybindings to work also in entry forms and location bar
  • fixed another frames getsize bug
  • map out backslash in urls
  • set cursor-busy when sending/receiving mail
  • fixed form select-multiple
  • add mailto ?subject support for inside mailer window to
  • fix frames size calculation
  • fix encoding to include /
  • exclude unnamed fields from form submits
  • fixed JS form problem by adding update before script eval in parse
  • fixed font lists so variable only shows variable fonts, etc
  • support colors given as integers
  • run through procheck and fixed some bugs
  • add support for sourcing compiled Tcl using Tclpro procomp

Release 1.3.6: Apr 12, 2001

  • form layout cleanup: spacing, fonts and colors should now be much better
  • fix overall color/font, esp. fontoverride and coloroverride
  • fix cursor stuck busy (cause was redirects)
  • eliminate redundent radio elements in form submit
  • sort cookies in outgoing headers
  • boost browser colors (for non-image) from 16 to 64
  • fix duplicate form item: double parse caused by broken redirects
  • implemented download image on click when download is off
  • stop mail SaveAs from popping up new view
  • file:/ now supports globbing like *.html in directory lists

Release 1.3.5: Apr 9, 2001

  • fixed huge memory leak for background gifs: images not released
  • fixed URL redirect loop problem ala
  • fix nowrap TD option not taking width (eg.
  • fix bgcolor="" causing black on black text problem (eg. sourceforge
  • fix table layout bug in (cause: HR SIZE=-1)
  • fix embedded tcl (frink broke it)
  • fix table width= causing too narrow columns
  • add paste URL support to browser body window
  • pipeline default enabled again, but not for Netscape servers
  • fix alt-o open when used from frames
  • redirects that are in cache don't go out to network
  • add more header info to Page-Info.
  • TDB: fixed paste in cmd window
  • TDB: change to use an command entry box

Release 1.3.4: Apr 3, 2001

  • release TDB debugger
  • fixed console in TOBE (stdout still hooped on exec)
  • ran code through frink to format and bracket all ifs
  • fixed bug in frames with pv(locvar) undefined

Release 1.3.3: Mar 1, 2001

  • disable pipeline http by default: some web servers barf
  • javascript support for forms is now mostly done

Release 1.3.2: Mar , 2001

  • release code to pipeline http requests
  • more javascript support
  • added German and French language bindings

Release 1.3.1: Mar , 2001

  • change all http fetches to now go directly to disk/cache
  • user defined mimetypes support is now done
  • redid history to use tktable (just mail left now with mclistbox)
  • rewrote forms to be zero not one based
  • run through dmalloc to eliminate leaks

Release 1.3.0: Feb , 2001

  • initial release with new javascript

Release 1.2.4: Jan 9, 2001

  • cache speedup, no longer "flush"es writes.
  • mailer now supports multiple open mail reading views
  • slide back/forward should now correctly remember page scroll position
  • fixed Tcl embedded apps
  • fixed malformed index bug
  • prefs/encoding now applies to pages, not Tcl system encoding
  • zipview restrictions removed
  • frames in mail window now work
  • chg external dnslookup fails to not use server address

Release 1.2.3: Jan 3, 2001

  • Fixed bug in editor startup
  • Change portal password to not use passman
  • Disabled passman by default
  • Enabled support for builtin mail via portal

Release 1.2.2: Jan 2, 2001

  • Option to disable images in printing (was crashing windows)
  • Ignore background images less than 4x4: slows us down to a crawl
  • Fixed Auth problem
  • Fixed Duplicate parse

Release 1.2.1: Jan 1, 2001

The following are new features.
  • Support for Dynamic DNS
  • Web portal/server (http and https)
  • Portal builtin commands like read bookmarks, mail, and exec commands
  • Address Book

Release 1.1.2: Nov 24, 2000

The following are bug fixes.
  • nested table widths were too wide
  • multiple
    tags were not doing

  • broken links no longer added to Url list
  • reload was being ignored sometimes
  • eliminate NULL byte from display (

Release 1.1.1: Oct 29, 2000

  • Fixed SSL which was broken by the new packaging.
  • Fixed Urls where path was empty (eg. "?some=stuff")
  • Reduced size of license screen so it fits into 640x480.
  • Reorganized Preferences to fit in 640x480.
  • Fixed hang: recursive call to encoding.
  • Changed external DNS lookup to use sh script.
  • Fixed directory display breakage.

Release 1.1.0: Oct 24, 2000

  • Focusing to location no longer grabs the selection.
  • Fixed offline mode. Cachecmp=never now tries cache first.
  • Fixed history so it comes from cache.
  • Eliminate network down hang.
  • Limit checks on number of redirects.
  • Fixed frame=100%,* bug.
  • Fixed ftp download bug.
  • Proxy now working properly.
  • Tclhtml: modified Tkhtml to compile subset without Tk.
  • Packaged as a single standalone binary
  • Can view a zip archive of html content: html, gifs. (ala PDF)
  • Netscape bookmarks import (in File/Util menu).
  • Config option for changing Meta key to Control from Alt. There is still no general keymap editor.
  • Option to set a limit on the max number of images.
  • Long menus, multi-columned menus and cascades. Fixed menu key shortcuts.
  • filter URLs by href option for http.
  • filter Image by href option for http (eg. Ads like doubleclick).
  • Dialog to change selection/find background color.
  • Passman: a password manager for logins. This option caches userid/passwords in an encrypted file and automatically substituting them when you type the PassMan password.
  • A simple editor with Undo, and support for encrypted files (ie. so you can edit the PassMan file).
  • Encryption options include either DES, or XOR (aperiodic).
  • The NGS Javascript compiler is now included with BrowseX 
  • An initial Tcl outline of a DOM has been implemented, but is too slow to be practical, so a faster C version is in the works. ie. Javascript is not working, yet.

Release 1.0.x: Sept 29, 2000

Beta Release. Package renamed to BrowseX . Everything changed.

PDQ Alpha 1.09

  • NEW: take snapshot to directory of current page and images
  • NEW: windows alpha version release
  • NEW: buggy expand replaced by TML
  • screen refresh was intermittently broken
  • cursor was stuck as a hand
  • printing to postscript
  • images use size hint so screen rearrange required less often
  • redirected images were not always appearing (ie.
  • cookies were broken for deep subdomains
  • frame target= in base tag now working
  • animate gif was broken for some gifs

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