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BrowseX Download/Install
BrowseX Download/Install

Terms and Status

PLEASE NOTE: BrowseX  comes with NO warranty.

There is a new unified packaging format that delivers BrowseX  as a standalone executable. You no longer need to install Tcl/Tk. This uses a bit more memory, but is vastly easier to install/manage. Binaries in the new format is provided only for Linux and Win32 at the moment.

The Linux port was developed under Redhat 7.0. The Windows version was cross compiled from Linux using Mingw32.

Downloading TML

Downloading BrowseX 

Current release is 2.0.0. See ChangeLog for list of changes. The new packaging format allows BrowseX  to be distributed as a single standalone application.


For Windows, just run the .exe to invoke the installer. The package contains a single executable, but the adds BrowseX  to your Program menu.

For unix, just do:

  gunzip -c brx.linux.bin-2.0.0.gz > brx
  chmod u+x brx
If you like, you can extract the Tcl scripts from the executable with:
  ln -s brx

Compiling From Source

Here is the source brx.src-1.6.0.tar.gz. : 13 Meg.
You will require nearly 200 Meg of disk space in order to build it. Directions are provided in the README and BUILD file included.

The source is amalgamated into a single tree, and now builds the standalone from a single Makefile under Linux. Other unix platforms may also work. The Windows build is still manual and suitably miserable as most Windows experiences are for developers.

The unified source tree also does include the Tcl and Tk 8.4a2 source code. New versions can be downloaded from Scriptics/Ajuba site. You will need both tcl8.4a2.tar.gz and tk8.4a2.tar.gz.

Comments can be sent to Bugs to

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