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BrowseX Mail

BrowseX Mail

BrowseX  Mail is a light weight mail user agent written entirely in Tcl. It achieves this by storing each mail message in its own file, and implements folders as directory hierarchies. Messages are parsed for mime content at only two occasions. Once when they are first received and again when they are selected for display. At reception time, messages are parsed and added to the index is any information about attachments, content type, etc. BrowseX  Mail has the following features:
  • Pop and localmail support
  • Folder management
  • Mime handling: attachments, etc
  • Integrated HTML: Uses a browser widget in viewer
  • Sort mail by Subject, Sender or date
  • Search by subject, sender or in message body
  • Multiple simultaneous open mail views of different folders
  • Auto check for new mail
  • An Address Book
  • Password memory feature
  • Read mail remotely via a web browser
Left click on the mail list header to sort that field ascending. Right click for descending. Right mouse in the list itself brings a popup menu of operations for the current message.

Most of the features are pretty much what has come to be expected in a mail program. The last, however, makes use of the builtin BrowseX  Web Server to serve out your mail via HTML. So when your not at home, you can browse your mail, an more. Currently, you can only browse your Inbox, however, extending it to all folders, your Address Book and more is fairly simple.

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