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Mime Type Helpers

BrowseX  now supports fully user definable Mimetypes. There are now definitions for running external programs for viewing postscript files, mp3 sound files, etc. You can change these settings and even define your own handlers for custom mime types using the dialog in Edit/Prefs/Other/Other/Mimetypes. These handlers are used both in browser rendered pages and by the Mailer. If you define a handler that begins with a | (pipe), the filtered output is passed back for rendering as HTML.

In lieu of actual documentation following is a dump of the predefined types provided in the initial release.

 audio/x-wav            {{play %s} wav {WAV Audio} 0 external}
 audio/x-au             {{play %s} au {Audio} 0 external}
 audio/x-mp3            {{mpg123 %s} mp3 {MP3 Audio} 0 external}
 application/x-tml      {{tml %s}  tml {TML Script} 1 builtin}
 application/x-tcl      {{wish %s} tcl {TCL/Tk Program} 1 builtin}
 application/x-dvi      {{xdvi %s} dvi {DVI} 0 external}
 application/x-tex      {{tex %s} tex {TeX Document} 0 prompt}
 application/x-latex    {{latex %s} latex {LaTeX Document} 0 prompt}
 application/x-c        {{cc %s} c {C Program} 0 prompt}
 application/x-perl     {{perl %s} pl {Perl Script} 0 prompt}
 application/x-sh       {{sh %s} sh {Bourne Shell Script} 0 prompt}
 application/x-zip      {{} zip {Zip Archive} 1 builtin}
 application/x-gzip     {{} {gz gzip z} {GNU Compressed} 0 prompt}
 application/x-tgz      {{} tgz {GNU Compressed Archive} 0 save}
 application/x-tar      {{} tar {Tar Archive} 0 save}
 application/octet-stream       {{} {exe bin} {Binary Executable} 0 save}
 application/pdf        {{gv %s} pdf {PDF Document} 0 external}
 application/ps         {{gv %s} ps {Postscript Document} 0 external}
 application/doc        {{catdoc %s|} doc {Word Document} 0 prompt}
 application/rtf        {{} rtf {Rich Text Format} 0 prompt}
 text/html              {{} {html htm} HTML 1 builtin}
 text/plain             {{} txt {Plain Text} 1 builtin}
 multipart/alternative  {{} {} {Mime Message} 1 builtin}
 multipart/mixed        {{} {} {Mime Message} 1 builtin}
 multipart/related      {{} {} {Mime Message} 1 builtin}
 message/rfc822 {{} {} {Plain Text} 1 builtin}
 image/gif              {{} gif {GIF Image} 1 builtin}
 image/jpeg             {{} {jpeg jpg jpe jfif pjpeg pjp} 
                            {JPEG Image} 1 builtin}
 image/tiff             {{} {tiff tif} {TIFF Image} 1 builtin}
 image/x-xcf            {{gimp %s} xcf {Gimp image} 0 external}
 image/x-rgb            {{gimp %s} rgb {RGB image} 0 external}
 image/x-ppm            {{gimp %s} ppm {RGB image} 0 external}
 image/x-pgm            {{gimp %s} pgm {PGM image} 0 external}
 image/x-png            {{gimp %s} png {PNG image} 1 builtin}
 image/x-portable-bitmap        {{gimp %s} pbm {RGB image} 0 external}
 image/x-xwindowdump    {{xwud %s} xwd {X Windows Dump} 0 external}
 image/x-xpixmap        {{} xpm {X Pixmap Image} 1 builtin}
 image/x-xbitmap        {{} xbm {X Bitmap Image} 1 builtin}

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