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Sqlite is a simple database like interface that uses the GDBM library to manage storage on the local disk. Sqlite comes builtin to BrowseX , and you can get complete details from the SQLite Home.

Sqlite can be used as a standalone program from the command line, but it is the Tcl interface that is most of interest in the context of BrowseX . Here is an example excerpted from the Tclsqlite web page.

  sqlite db1 ./testdb
  db1 eval {CREATE TABLE t1(a int, b text)} 
  db1 eval {INSERT INTO t1 VALUES(1,'hello')}
  db1 eval {INSERT INTO t1 VALUES(2,'goodbye')}
  db1 eval {INSERT INTO t1 VALUES(3,'howdy!')}
  set x [db1 eval {SELECT * FROM t1 ORDER BY a}] 
  db1 close

SQLite commands can be used anywhere in BrowseX , including in your browsex.ini file. With it, you can easily create database applications that integrate with a web client. No need to for the complexity or overhead of managing a database engine. Moreover, later porting the application to a real DB should be relatively simple. Just replace the first line above with:
  proc db1 {cmd arg args} {
    switch $cmd {
      eval {
	return [SubmitToRealDB $arg]
      close {
	CloseRealDB ...