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The THIN widget set

THIN is a somewhat hastily thrown together collection of some freely available Tk widgets, with the addition of some glue code. It is pretty fast and fairly small, currently about 200K in size. Three quarters of that is in the two widgets: combobox and mclistbox. Net new is a revamped version of Jeff Hobbs pane.tcl which will provide resizeable frames under BrowseX . THIN provides just the basic widgets needed by BrowseX  and in fact was created to replace the Tix and Blt widgets originally used in BrowseX . THIN is written entirely in Tcl/Tk.

We are announcing it on the off chance others might need it. But keep in mind it may be obsoleted by the Tcl8.4 native widgets in 2001. The thin:: widgets are mostly convenience, and often try to use grid to avoid frames, so that the subwidgets are clearly visible with "winfo children".

Each file is standalone and can be executed directly to invoke a test/demo. There is also no documentation, except for that provided with combobox and mclistbox.

I wrote only the widgets in the thin:: namespace. This includes .tcl files: control, progress, balloon, labelframe, table, and widget.

The other 95% of the code was written by others:

  • The combobox, mclistbox and supertext where written by Brian Oakly
  • The notebook and tree where written by by D Richard Hipp.
  • The paned was written by Jeff Hobbs and enhanced by me.

Suggestions, bugs, patches, etc are welcome.

Peter MacDonald

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