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Dynamic DNS

Dynamic DNS Most network users today are on either dialup or cable modem. In both cases dynamically assigned IP addresses (DHCP) are commonly used. Dynamic DNS allows computers with dynamic IP addresses to register DNS names so they can be more easily accessed. For example, you could register the name, and then each time you start BrowseX, it can ensure that your IP address is kept in sync with the DNS name. This means you are not dependant upon servers for all network services. You can chat directly with other users, and even be a web server if you like.

Note, if you are behind a firewall, or use a proxy this feature is perhaps not as useful. If on the other hand you use the Web Server feature of BrowseX to serve out files and web content, then DynDNS can be very useful.

Registering A Domain Name

The first step is to click on Register A DNS Name in Edit/Prefs/Network/DynamicDNS. After registering your host in the domain (or other), fill in the matching fields in the BrowseX DynDNS preferences. Then click on Enable and Auto Update At Startup then Done/Update and your all set. Every time you restart BrowseX it will update your IP address on the server.


When you shutdown your PC or otherwise loose your IP address, some other user can be assigned it. This would mean that others trying to get to your PC will be unknowingly connecting to someone else. To avoid this use the File/Offline-DNS menu option.

Be aware. When you offline, it can take 10 or more minutes before the next Online request will be honored. So use sparingly.

Thanks to for providing the DNS servers free of charge.

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