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Web Server Portal

Web Server Portal The Web Server Portal feature allows BrowseX to act as a web server, both normal and secure (SSL). This feature enables BrowseX to act as a file share program and can even let you navigate through your entire filesystem, if so configured. (Web Portal is not enabled by default and requires enabling in Prefs/Network.)

The portal can be password protected via the Preferences: in the default configuration, none are set. The default path is in the ~/.brx/portal(s) directories for Unix, /brx/portal(s) for Windows.

Additional features have been added, such as viewing your bookmarks, reading mail and even running arbitrary commands. However, due to security concerns these are limited to password protected connections and even then are by default disabled.

The easiest way to access these is to connect to the HTTPS port and append a ? to the URL in the Location. This will bring up a menu.

Editing Portal Files

There is no need to remember/know where your portal directories are. Just use File/Edit to enter the BrowseX editor. Once there, you may use File/Open to browse/create the portal directories and files.


Unset passwords allows connection to the portal without a password. BBBut you will not be able to run builtin commands like checkmail, or exec.


The menu command is accessable via the /? URL. This prints out a menu of options, some like bookmarks may be further restricted by other options.


Enabling Bookmarks allows access to view your bookmarks, history and cache.


Enabling Mail allows access to view your email via the Unix mail command. In the near future, this will change to using the BrowseX mailer.

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