TME Help

TME is the Tcl Macro Editor. Unfortunately, there isn't much documentation yet.

TME provides the ability to edit markup attributes, and preview the pages. Most of the menu picks insert TML equivalent of an HTML tag. You can then access the options for the tag prior to the cursor using Alt-o. This will popup the Attribute editor. Some of the menu picks are for TML macros, which implement shortcuts for tables and such.

TME Keyboard Mapping

Keyboard Mapping for TME

The markup insertion functions work in two different ways. If there is selected text on the screen, the markup encloses the selected text. Otherwise it is placed at the insertion cursor.
Alt u Undo
Alt f Find
Alt g Find next
Alt s Save file
Alt b Bold
Alt i Italics
Alt p Insert a paragraph on a new line by itself
Alt n Insert a line break and go to next line
Alt o Open Properties for tag before cursor
Alt = H=, Heading at current level
Alt + H+, Heading at current level +1
Alt - H-, Heading at current level -1