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Demos for Mod/GUI

Following are a collection of single file demos that are included with Gui. (See also Apps).

These provide a representative sample of typical applications and/or demonstrate specific features.

ledger.tclA personal finance application.
guild.guiThe GUI Layout Designer.
gedit.tclA basic Gui based editor.
geditor.tclA more sophisticated editor.
gradient.guiA gradient image editor.
top.guiA Gui frontend to unix top.
gpackage.guiA Gui frontend to rpm/dpkg.
gsqlite.tclA Gui frontend to sqlite.
manview.tclA unix manpage viewer.
gphoto.tclPhoto viewer.
bigtable.guiA large table demo.
gexplore.tclStart of a filesystem viewer.
mail.guiAn email user interface demo.
round.guiSimple rounded frames demo.
sframe.guiSimple scrolled frames demo.

Source for all are available from CVS.

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