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The interface component of Mod is designed to automatically generation an interface (or .htcl) file from a Tcl file. The resulting interface file contains an extern for each exported proc/method.

Interface also decodes option info from Opts/Vopts. In addition, when Tod is being used, the entry point ~New are also generated, including info from Opts

Here is a sample interface file.

  namespace eval ::pdqi::diff {

    Mod export 

    # Perform diff on two files: options are after file names.
    extern diff             {file1 file2 args}

    # Like diff, but works on data.
    extern diffdata         {d1 d2 args} {. . . {opts -n}}

    # Find longest common sequence.
    extern lcs              { l1 l2 }

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Page last modified on June 06, 2009, at 06:14 PM