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Ledger is Gui based personal finance application featuring:

  • Fast and easy use with auto-completions.
  • Reconciliation and report dialogs.
  • Import/export QIF transactions/accounts.
  • Uses double-entry accounting.
  • Handles 10's of thousands of transactions with ease.
  • Stores data as plain UTF8 text.
  • Supports RCS and CVS for backup-on-save.
  • Near zero dependancies (implemented in a single .tcl file).

Here are some screenshots:

Running It

Ledger requires Wize and is run like so:

  wize ledger.tcl

or the builtin version can be run with:

  wize / Gui/Ledger

Data Storage

Since Ledger uses Tree saving and restoring data simply uses the sub-commands dump and restore.

Multiple Books

Multiple sets of accounts can be managed using:

  wize / Gui/Ledger -dir ~/work

If -dir is not given it defaults to ~/ledger.


As with all Wize applications, you can use <Control-Alt-Shift-2> to explore it. Select aclist_1 from the "Vars" menu to examine the accounts data, or xaction_1 to examine transaction data. Or use Introspect to examine the entire program state.

Un-implemented Features

  • Scheduled transactions.
  • Budgets and investments.
  • Multiple currencies.
  • Charts, graphs, etc.
  • Bank download/sync.
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Page last modified on November 23, 2010, at 07:51 AM