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Top is a GUI interface to the Unix text based system monitoring facility top. Its purpose is to exercise some key features of Wize, including:

  • demonstrate the ease of using Gui.
  • repeatedly insert/delete data from a TreeView widget.
  • make extensive use of Styles.

Top can be invoked with:

  wize / Gui/Top

Top has 3 main tabs, plus optional per-PID monitors.

Here are some screenshots:

Process Table

Displays a list of all processes running on the system.

There are options for displaying only a subset of processes, as well as changing the display mode to tree.

Using right-click gives a menu that allows monitoring specific PIDs, Renicing a process or sending signals to a process. It can also show or hide columns.

System Load

Displays 4 graphs:

  • CPU% - cumultive CPU used by running processes.
  • Memory - cumultive Memory used by processes.
  • Load Average - the average load factor.
  • Network - network activity

File Systems

This displays usage by file system.

PID Monitor

PID Monitor collects and graphs information about a single process. To close the tab, left click on the red cross.

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Page last modified on September 20, 2010, at 04:54 PM