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Sock-CGI is an implementation of pseudo-fastCGI for webservers missing fastCGI. It basically uses a socket to relay requests to a THT server. This allow THT to be run as a server and thus enables Stay-Resident pages.

The relay is tried first and if that fails the server is started followed by a resend. This requires a web server with write permissions to the log or piddir directory for the pid file.

Alternatively, set the piddir to a writable directory. As with fcgi.tcl, you can replicate this file with different ports for multiple tht instances. Add the following to httpd.conf or .htaccess:

  AddHandler tht-script .tht
  Action tht-script /cgi-bin/Mod/tht/sock-cgi.tcl

Note: the approach used is optimistic with little in the way of error checking. It also suffers from the performance penalty of exec, tclsh, ... etc, etc. On the other hand, it should work with any CGI web-server where Tcl is around.

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Page last modified on January 14, 2010, at 03:45 PM