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Two important functions in Ted are running Make rebuilds, and running a Tcl program to test it.


Use <Shift-F2> or menu Commands/Make to run make from Ted or Tdb. This will result in the output pane opening and wherein messages appear. To navigate to the Next compiler warning message use <F4> or <F3> for the Previous message. This will take the editor to the file/line of each error.

Running Tcl

To run a Tcl program while it is being edited, use <Shift-F5>. An execution dialog will popup for supplying arguments and options. ie.

Upon start, the output window opens wherein program output appears (see Screenshot).

When using the exec option, the Backtrace button can be used to interpret output as a traceback.

Note that when Ted is run using Wize warning messages may appear which may be navigated with <F4>/<F3>. Alternatively, a Makefile may be used to run your application with weld.


The menu entry Commands/Exec may also be used to execute an arbitrary command and view it's output.

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Page last modified on June 04, 2009, at 08:15 AM