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TED Features

  • Syntax highlighting.
  • Command completion of keyword/commands and Tcl/Tk options.
  • Named buffers and tags.
  • Block insert/delete/replace
  • Macro record/playback.
  • Recent files and windows lists.
  • Customizable colors and fonts.
  • Auto indentation and formatting.
  • Brace match, line join, tab-zapping.
  • Complex data filtering with internal and external commands.
  • Integrated IDE interfacing with gdb and weld.
  • Integrated version control with auto-checkin upon save.
  • C-Tags browsing for application navigation.
  • Integrated C-Tags generation for Tcl.
  • Find and Replace, with case/word/regexp options.
  • File search with navigation to results.
  • Integrated application documentation
  • Man-page viewer, for Tcl/Tk and other docs.
  • Access to Tcl Console, under Unix as well as Windows.
  • F1 in menu navigation displays help and/or code.
  • Searchable list of all menu entries.
  • Auto rollup of all RCS changes to a diff.
  • Auto regeneration of Tcl header file.

TDB features

  • Build/make with step editor through errors.
  • Single step, breakpoints, stack navigation.
  • Undo/redo debugging step.
  • View and change the value of program variables.
  • Advanced displays (ala DDD)
  • Direct access to gdb and weld.
  • Simple projects interface using Makefile.

TED is written in Validated Tcl, meaning it will run under Wize without warnings.

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Page last modified on June 04, 2009, at 08:17 AM