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Ted - The Editor


Ted is a tabbed editor written using Gui. It provides several key functions, the most important of which is command completion


Command completion is implemented for Tcl and Tk commands and Tk subcommands. The completion feature can be seen by typing the following:

  TreeView e

In the status line we can note there are two matching subcommands: entry and edit. By adding an n the editor shows the matching entry which typing <Tab> will complete.

If we then type:

  TreeView entry conf $w $id -

and hit <Control-space>, we get list of all the known options.

This can greatly simplify the job of writing Tk code. It virtually eliminates the need to memorize hundreds of subcommands or their thousands of options.

Despite this power, Ted is a fairly simple application. It derives much of it's functionality by hooking into the Tcl implementation of Gui.

See overview for more details.

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Page last modified on November 30, 2010, at 07:17 PM