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Version Control

Ted provides native support for a subset of the RCS Version Control system. The builtin support is limited to basic RCS ci and co. When installed on the OS, Ted also supports external use of RCS, CVS and SVN.

Each version control type can be individually enabled via Preferences/Devel and when enabled a commit will be performed at each save. This means, for example, that RCS will do a ci -l if a ,v file or RCS/ subdirectory exists in the current directory. For CVS, a cvs commit occurs if a CVS/ directory exists. For SVN, a .svn directory must exist.

Note this implies that to use the builtin RCS, one must ensure that the RCS directory exists in the application directory. To assist with this, when creating a new file or using Save-as, RCS directory creation is prompted for.

Rollback Restore

Ted provides support for viewing all changes to a file, as well as restoring to any point in time. To view versions, just use File/Development/Versions. eg.

The RCSdiff function is also available (when RCS is installed on the OS), to provide a snapshot of all changes since version 1.0 of all files in the current directory. This can be used to easily submit a diff of all changes to an application.

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Page last modified on December 29, 2007, at 03:35 PM