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Data Trees

Tcl has builtin support for scalars, arrays and dict. But when it comes to complex data, Tcl can be cumbersome.

Wize provides the powerful new data structure tree, detailed in the following pages:

TreeAn overview of tree
TablesSimplified tables with *table
TreesSimplified trees with *tree
TreeVaryingVarying depth trees
TreeWithAccessing key fields using with
TreeArrayTree key values as pseudo-arrays
TreeFindFinding things in a tree
TreeTraceTracing events in a tree
TreeSqlTree SQL support
TreeSqlSyncSync a tree with an SQL table
TreeVsDictA comparison of tree and dict
TreeVsTreeViewA comparison of tree and treeview API
VectorAccess to compact double arrays
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Page last modified on February 17, 2010, at 04:07 PM