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The Tcl dict command provides simple management of dictionary values.

Dict is fairly straightforward to use with an array, eg.

 array set U {
     tom  { Name "Tom Brown"  Sex M Age 19  Class {4 5} }
     mary { Name "Mary Brown" Sex F Age 16  Class {5} }
     sam  { Name "Sam Spade"  Sex M Age 19  Class {3 4} }

 dict set     U(tom)  Sex F
 dict append  U(sam)  Name " Jr"
 dict lappend U(sam)  Class 5
 dict incr    U(mary) Age
 dict set     U(tom)  Sax Y;  # Creates a new field
 dict set     U(bill) Sax N;  # Creates a new entry.

 parray U

However, dict is more complex to use with nested dictionaries and has various other gotchas (see TreeVsDict for details)

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Page last modified on December 27, 2009, at 10:44 AM