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Wize Frequently Asked Questions


What is Wize?

Wize is a reasonably complete GUI development and deployment environment for Linux and Windows. It is based on enhanced versions of Tcl/Tk and BLT. For more details see What Is Wize

What License does Wize use?


Where can I get Wize from? See Getting Wize for details.

How is Wize different from vanilla Tcl/Tk?

Wize implements many desirable features missing from Tck/Tk. In particular, it integrates a highly modified BLT with other extensions. Virtually all widgets now support tiling of backgrounds and/or items. Wize also provides builtin Validation via the -Wall option. See Features for more detail.

How does Wize differ from TclKit?

Wize uses sqlite as it's database and the zip archive format exclusively for packaging. All this is in addition to the above.

What is a wizapp?

A wizapp is simply a .zip archive containing a main.tcl which launches the Tcl application.

Can a .zip (wizapp) be invoked as an OS command?

Yes. Wize can use soft links to indirectly run a .zip file, just as you would a normal compiled command or script. On invocation Wize checks if this was via a soft link, and if so looks for a .zip whose name is the same as the link.

For example, if is in the Wize directory and there is a link foo -> wize then invoking foo runs wize, which mounts and sources it's main.tcl.

To create a link for this use: wize / install Note this will require write access to the directory containing wize.

What are wizpaks?

In short they are add-ons.

How do I (re)build Wize?

If you can't run the binaries on sourceforge, check the code out from CVS on Then see wize2/wize/README.

Note, building for windows requires numerous (undocumented) manual steps.

How can I modify or add builtin scripts to Wize?

Just unzip the wize binary into a directory, do modifications and then re-zip back up. If you don't have the unzip program, you can use wize / Zip/Unzip etc, instead.

Why is the Wize executable so large (12-15 Meg)?

Current binary releases include debugging symbols. You can eliminate the 5-8 Meg of symbols in one of two ways:

  • Rebuild after setting DBGSYMS=0 in the Makefile.
  • Use Zip/: Unzip, TruncZip, strip -g, then PiggyZip.

Is HTML supported?

Yes and No. Tkhtml 3.0 is builtin to Wize. Thus it can be used to run the hv3 browser via wize However, Tkhtml 3.0 has a number of known instabilities and thus is in a use at your own risk state. Nevertheless, this could be acceptable for just browsing local documentation.

Does wize support ttk:: widgets?



Where do I start?

Run wize /. (See Admin and DevStart)

Can I eval Tcl directly from the command-line?

Yes, like this:

  wize /zvfs/wiz/eval.tcl 'pack [button .b -text "Hello World"]'

Can I run Ted directly from the command-line?

Sure, here are 3 different ways:

  wize / Apps/Ted ...
  wize /zvfs/app/ted/ted.tcl ...
  wize ~/bin/ ...

How can I find a window.

Use Tk::find.

How can I setup a background image tile?

Use the -tile option. (See Widget Tile).

How do I get an input string?

See Inputs.

What extensions are supported?

Where are the built-in utilities (eg. *catch, *value, etc) defined?


Where are the images mounted?


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