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WIZE Features

Wize provides many of the features that traditionally are missing in Tck/Tk.

Tk Features

GuiUI layout engine to reduce code.
StylesStyle sheets for Tk/GUI.
WidgetsA complete, full-featured set of widgets.
BltEnhanced and expanded.
TilingBackground images for all widgets (and items eg. polygons).
GradientSimplified gradient image generation.
WinopEnhanced photo copy and image manipulation.
DebuggingBuilt-in debug and introspection facilities.
Shaped buttonsRounded buttons, checkboxes, etc.
Shaped windowsFor Windows and X11.
SoundA sound extension.
Canvas3dA 3D Graphics extensions.
InputsSimple to use input dialogs.
AdminAn interface with numerous demo applications.

Tcl Features

ValidationBuilt-in Tcl/Tk code checking.
CAPIA C shared library extension generator.
SqliteAn integrated database.
SOSA networked client/server for sqlite.
SignalSupport for Unix signals.
CompilerA Tcl bytecode compiler and loader.
Header and Stub.h and libs included for compiling extensions.
BSDLicensed under BSD.
PackagingExecute applications from .zip files.
ExtensionsExecutable with built-in extensions.
StandaloneCreating a standalone.
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