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The commnd Tk::find is used for locate widgets. Its signature is:

 proc find {{window .} {name *} {class *} {script {}}}

It finds windows from the start window for which [winfo name] and [winfo class] match the given patterns. If script is empty it just return the matching windows. If script is non-empty it is eval'ed on each match, after the window name is substituted for %W in the script. eg:

  frame .f
  text .f.mainwin
  entry .f.status
  entry .f.input
  Tk::find . mainwin;    # returns ".f.mainwin"
  Tk::find . * Entry;    # return ".f.status .f.input"
  Tk::find .f in* Entry; # return ".f.input"
  Tk::find .x * Entry { puts "DESTROY: %W"; destroy %W }

Note that calling Tk::find with no arguments will just return a list of all windows.

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Page last modified on May 23, 2009, at 12:31 PM