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Getting Wize

The source and/or binaries for Wize can be downloaded from Sourceforge.

Source Installation

On Linux, just download, unpack and follow directions in INSTALL.

Binary Installation

To install the binaries, first download and unpack the package for your system: wize-*.zip. ie. either Windows or Linux.

MS Windows

Download and Extract-All. Then click on setup.bat. You can then run wize admin by clicking on the desktop icon for Wize.

Alternatively, run wize.exe and type the command "/" at the console prompt. Or open a cmd in the directory and run:

   wize /


Download and unpack it using unzip.

For example, the following assumes a downloaded to your home directory.

  mkdir ~/wize3.2
  cd ~/wize3.2
  unzip -r ~/
  ./wize /
  sudo ./wize install.tcl

Post Installation

For regular command-line usage, you will probably want the wize directory in your path. There are several ways to achieve this.

Unpack Into A Path Directory

If you unpacking wize*.zip into a directory that is already in your path automatically, you can run wize from the command line.

Add the Wize Directory to Your Path

  wize / Admin/Setup

Create Softlink to wize.exe

Create a softlink in a path directory to the wize executable.

Getting Started

You should now be ready to go. So just type:

  wize /

Click here for more details on using the admin interface.

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Page last modified on November 28, 2010, at 11:32 AM