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Tdb - A GDB Frontend


Tdb is a Gui frontend for GDB scripted in Wize and Gui. It provide a compact, easy to use interface that exposes most of the Gdb-MI features. Here is a screenshot:

Here is another screenshot with several tabs tornoff:


Tdb provides the following features:

  • A Stack browser.
  • A Variable tree inspector.
  • A Types tree inspector.
  • Files and Functions tree with searches.
  • Memory, Registers, Threads and Disassembly.
  • A GDB help tree browser with searches.
  • A GDB options tree browse and modify.
  • Direct access to the GDB interface.

Tdb is fast, and provides most navigation just by double-clicking.

  • Double clicking in the Stack tab will return to that point of execution.
  • Double clicking in the Variable tab will go to the declaration.
  • Double clicking in the Types tab will go to the type definition, etc.


The total size of is about 35 K-bytes.

The implementation source is about 5K lines of which 4K lines are validated Tcl code, and 1K lines are GUI specification. The Gui is about 50% each layout and style.

Running Tdb

Tdb can be executed thus:

  wize myprog arg ....
  # or
  wize / Apps/Tdb myprog arg ...


Tdb maps the MI protocol directly to a Tcl list, and thus does not require a C compiled parser. This allows Tdb to be entirely in script.

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Page last modified on November 30, 2010, at 03:48 PM